Robert Haralambopoulos, the best car accident attorney in Van Nuys

For the best car accident lawyer near you, call Robert Haralambopoulos

When you need an auto accident attorney, there’s only one real choice – Robert Haralambopoulos

Car accidents in California are up nearly 25 percent since 2013. About 80 percent of those accidents involve driver negligence. If you were injured in wreck, then you need Robert Haralambopoulos, the best car accident attorney in Van Nuys.

Robert has the experience to get you the most cash possible in your settlement. As a preferred car accident lawyer near me, he knows how to fight insurance companies and guilty drivers. He knows how to make them pay.

You were hurt. You received injuries through no fault of your own. Someone needs to pay and that someone is the person who hurt you.

How much should they pay? Every case is unique so there is no “one size fits all” in personal accident matters.

Your case is decided on its merits. Some of the things that matter are:

  • Extent of injuries
  • Medical bills
  • Lost income from being out of work
  • A need for long term care

Robert knows what matters and what does not matter in your case. He knows how to find even the things that some attorneys may overlook. Small things, when added together, can amount to a lot. With Robert fighting for you, nothing will be left on the table.
Robert also cares. To him, you are more than just another accident that needs an auto accident attorney. Robert wants to make sure your medical needs are met. He wants you to quit worrying about how to the pay bills after an accident. He will take over all the paperwork and deal with the other insurance company and driver so you don’t have to.

Here’s to hoping you are never in an auto accident. But if you are, Robert is the car accident attorney in Van Nuys who is on your side. If you were in a wreck, call toll free (818) 947-1919 for your free consultation.